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Black is stubborn. Black is defiant. Black is power

Ta Marbota, after the soft and dreamy Yamam Collection, celebrates the elegant complexity of the color black. The design studio,

renowned for its intricate abaya designs, hand-made details and authentic cuts, introduces a limited edition collection by the name of The Black Yamam.

The exclusive edition is a completely new take on the previous collection's story. It is raven black, glamorous and intriguing, yet it delicately matches the loyal affection Khaleeji ladies always have for all-black abayas.

-35 %
black in black abaya with hand-stitched birds and sequins. with black scarf..
2,875 S.R 1,869 S.R Ex Tax:1,625 S.R
blackyamam014 blackyamam014
-35 %
black in black hand-stitched intricate design on shoulder. with black scarf..
3,335 S.R 2,168 S.R Ex Tax:1,885 S.R
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