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TA MARBOTA is about elegance, grace and femininity; a bold vision to design exquisite creations and intimate knowledge of what a beautiful abaya, simply, entitles. The beginning was in 2010 when the founder and chief designer Rawan Azhar introduced a limited collection of five abayas to Jeddawi ladies. Deceivingly simple and innocent pieces of black, lace and dantel. The reception was overwhelming, and ever since the launch of TA MARBOTA collections became an annual highlight of the year for the fashion-forward ladies in Saudi Arabia and other GCC cities as well. The unique vision of TA MARBOTA though doesn’t limit itself to abaya design and production. It is pursuing a much more fundamental path where passion, learning, travel and culture all take part in intricate intersections of beauty and unexpected creations. TA MARBOTA in this sense is an open platform to grow design ideas that match the richness of its elements.

Meet the designer

TA MARBOTA founder and chief designer Rawan Azhar has always been a sort of explorer. A young wife and mother for three children, Rawan graduated from King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah with a degree in Management Information Systems. Her passion to learn, create and innovate led her to design her own abayas in the early days of 2010. Soon the demand, from family, friends and acquaintances, for such creations surprised and delighted her, giving her a glimpse of what could be if she follows her dream.
The attitude in which Rawan Azhar approaches her work is refreshing and inspiring in the same time. She sees opportunities when others overlook them. She is always willing to move forward even when others shy away from such challenges. The hard work has paid off; her abayas are carried in trendy and elite local, regional and online boutiques. In a sense, you can think of Rawan Azhar start in the design world as accidental, but nothing is accidental about her beautiful designs or her focus on learning and development. In fact, her unrelenting and steady passion for experimentation and innovation makes her a design force as well as a vibrant contributor to the cultural and creative community in Saudi Arabia and the gulf.


TA MARBOTA caters to the taste of a highly selective woman. She sees magic in the subtle movement of soft garments and takes pride in the careful elimination of crowded colors. She is delighted by the unpredictable nature of each collection and drawn to the stories behind each piece.
Our woman loves delicate layers and feminine designs, but she wears them with a modern attitude. She is confident, lives her life with integrity and aspires to experience the true joys of life as well as inspiring others to take her leads. Her elusive but consistent presence in our studio is a source of inspiration to continually look for new ideas and develop whole fashion experiences for her to live.Our work is a reflection of her as much as her personality is a reflection of our own ideals and values.

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